Bonding and White Fillings

Composite bonding is used to replace silver amalgam fillings. They are safe, affordable, and done in one visit. As technology improves, the materials are better.

With the advancements in dental technology the bondings  usually lasts for ten years, and an attractive solution for many patients.

Bonding can be used to fill a cavity, to cover stains, and discoloration.

The material is molded and sculptured , and a LED light is used to harden the material.

This is the most common restoration done today. The patient has mechanically worn their enamel, and maybe grinding their teeth . Clenching, grinding, stress, and using too hard a brush maybe the cause.

The patient usually has sensitivity, especially with cold fluids. These restorations require some finesse by the dentist, as with most procedures, especially bonding.

Bonding can be used to correct gaps in teeth.

This was done on one visit, with no anesthesia.

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